RE:LIVE – 3D logical game

I would like to share with you our project, which we created as a part of our Game Development course at Czech Technical University. The authors of this project are me (Tomáš Kasalický) and my friends Martin Melka, Lenka Stejskalová and Robert Čépa. This game received a second place among the projects in the class. The best projects were selected by a jury of professionals in the game industry from companies such as Warhorse Studios, Bohemia Interactive and 2K Czech.


The key to this game is time travelling. To be able to finish the game you need to utilize returning in time and cooperate with your PAST SELF. So for instance in the first part of the game you need to press both of the buttons next to the door at the same time, to do that, you need make a time travel checkpoint (right MB) go and press the first button(E) then return back in the time (middle MB), now you past self will appear and repeat your previous steps, so now you just have to go and push the second button at the same time when your past self presses the first button 🙂 YES time travel can get very confusing, but you’ll get the hang of it 🙂

WARNING!! The game is very, I mean VERY CHALLENGING.

To play the game click HERE