First post

This “blog” was supposed to exist a long time ago, but as we all know, when something needs to be done, theres always some tv series that needs to be watched or you just remember all of your old friends whom you had not seen for a long time and need to see them now, or maybe you just necessarily need to stare at a wall (content-wise it can be as striking as a facebook wall 🙂 ). But thanks to the fact I have a quite busy day with plenty of responsibilities to do today I have decided to start the website instead ! We all know that every chore becomes much more enjoyable when you are not required to do it. That is why my room  always gets miraculously more organized after finals, because when I am supposed to study, strangely I feel an urge to sort all of my socks or something similar…

Long story short, this blog will serve to share my occasional creations. If I find some of my life’s happening noteworthy I might mention it here as well and lastly, from time to time I would like to force myself to post some educational article 🙂


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